In English

In English

I am Katja Marova, deputy member of Lappeenranta City Council, deputy member of Lappeenranta’s city development committee and candidate for Parliament in the 2023 Parliamentary elections.

I have a Master’s degree in International Business Management, and I have worked in the business world for a long time.

I got involved in politics two years ago, because I wanted to:

  • Promote equality, especially in working life
  • Make the voices of minorities heard
  • Strengthen direct democracy and citizen participation

Women still earn on average about 7% less than men for performing the same job.
Discrimination by name is enormus in the labour market, and the pressure on appearance is still high.

With my election campaign, I would like to highlight topics and themes that are close to my heart, which I think require a lively discussion in society.
Here they are:

  1. My Finland: let the voices of the national minorities be heard
  2. A fairer working life
  3. Women’s status in Finland
  4. “Education is investment in the future”: you have to invest in education, people’s competence is a condition to the state’s success
  5. Support for small businesses! If the public services are outsourced, the contracts must be awarded primarily to small businesses!
  6. Promotion of direct democracy and citizen participation
  7. For the peace, no to military alliances like NATO, no to nuclear weapons.
    Numerous structural changes to society’s operation and changes in attitude are needed.

By voting for me, you vote for equality and a courage for change!